Cincinnati Engagement Photographer. Emily & Matt.

December 18, 2019

Cincinnati Engagement Photographer.

I cannot even begin to articulate how excited I am for these two and their future marriage!  Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE marriage and could talk about it all day long.  I think it is the most beautiful, humbling and transformative decision any two people can make.  And it was immediately clear that these two were meant to make this journey together.  Check our their Big Tree Plantation engagement session below!  December 2020 can’t get here soon enough!

Emily, what do you admire most about Matt?  Well there are a few things! Matt has the biggest heart, the biggest heart of anyone I know. From the beginning, I knew he would do anything for anyone. He gives more than he sometimes gets in return. Matt has loved me no matter what from the beginning. I know he would drop everything in a heartbeat if I needed him to. He also dreams so big. I admire this so much. He has these amazing visions of where he sees our life going and it excites me for our future. He works harder than anyone I know and just wants to be the best version of himself. He always knows how to cheer me up and make me feel like the most special and deserving person in the world.

Matt, what is one thing about Emily that inspires you?  She loves me for who I am. Which makes me want to be the best version of myself as possible for her.

What is one of the quiet/or unknown ways that your Emily serves you either often or daily? She gives me a reason to smile every morning and makes me excited for the day to begin, knowing that at the end of it I’ll get to see her for a little while.

Emily, what is one of your favorite memories with Matt?  One night we drove around town, it was late at night. We ended up sitting in my Jeep with the top off for hours just talking about life and our hopes and dreams, staring at the stars. He told me that he prayed for me and that the next day we started chatting on Bumble. He had given up thinking he would find someone, and then we met… I think this is the night he told me that. We did this a lot in the beginning of our relationship- sitting in the car, listening to music and talking- some of the nights run together 🙂 It was summer and life was more relaxed, as it tends to be in the summer.

Why do you want to marry Emily?  I want to marry Emily for many reasons but It’s honestly hard to picture my life without her. Once I got to really know her and who she is as a person I knew that I wanted to marry her. That was about two months into us dating. Also my family fell in love with her almost as much as I did I think. She is great with children and Seeing her hold her niece gives me such a good feeling that I can’t even describe. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with her and feel blessed and lucky that she said yes

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

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